Cheen-Hau Tan

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Motion capture data could be missing due to imperfections during the acquisition process. Singular value thresholding (SVT) is an effective method to recover missing motion capture data. However, its effectiveness decreases significantly when markers are missing for longer periods of time. To alleviate this problem, we utilize the fact that human bones are(More)
Image-driven simplification has been proposed as a simplification method which generates models with high visual fidelity and factors in the error from mesh appearance properties. We propose to enhance it by improving the preservation of important regions of the simplified mesh. This is done by using image saliency to obtain regional importance of the mesh.(More)
Rain removal is important to ensure the robustness of applications which rely on video input towards rainy conditions. A number of algorithms have thus been proposed to remove the rain effect based on the properties of rain. However, most of these methods are not able to remove rain effectively for scenes taken from moving cameras. We propose a rain removal(More)
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