Chee Wang Lim

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Appearance-based localization research has been very active recently. However, the assumption that a map of an environment is available a prior is often invalid due to dynamic nature of the surrounding appearance. This paper presents a simultaneous localization and map-building (SLAM) system that is able to incrementally build a map and detect a visited(More)
Kinematic isotropy of omnidirectional mobile robots with powered caster wheels is discussed and utilized in optimizing the design parameters of the robots. The analysis is done to cover the most general cases, by observing the mathematical expression of the equations of motion rather than by numerical evaluation of specific parameters or actuation schemes.(More)
This paper introduces a general control framework for macro mini manipulator to improve the force and compliant motion control of robotic manipulators. RMRC (Resolved Motion Rate Control) is used as the controller for the industrial (macro) manipulator, while a switching between position control and force control is applied for the mini. The algorithm shows(More)
Two forward kinematic models which are used in the control of an omnidirectional mobile base are evaluated. These two models result in different sensitivities to joint position error. The analysis and experimental results in this paper demonstrate the capabilities of dynamic model in improving the sensitivity of the forward kinematic model, resulting in a(More)
In order to improve the productivity of processes involving contact between robotic manipulator and workpiece, it is necessary to shorten the time for the contact force to reach the desired value. In doing so, however, the contact force may experience overshoot which could damage the workpiece. In this paper, we propose a nonlinear damping control scheme(More)
This paper presents a novel design of a Powered Caster Wheel (PCW) that decouples the steering and rolling motions. The working principles and mechanical design of the PCW are introduced in details. Kinematic modeling, trajectory planning and control algorithms are derived for PCW-based omnidirectional mobile platforms. To demonstrate the new PCW design, a(More)
We present an appearance-based localization algorithm for an indoor environment that is inspired by human’s localization and navigation capabilities. Our localization approach integrates the Monte-Carlo localization technique with an omnidirectional image matching algorithm. The approach yields robust localization outcome with reasonable accuracy even when(More)
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