Chee Teck Phua

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Current cuffless method of Arterial Blood Pressure (ABP) measurements can be continuously calculated from pulse wave velocity and the Pulse Transit Time (PTT). PTT is usually recorded as the time delay from the R wave of Electrocardiographic (ECG) signal to the upstroke of a peripheral pulse wave signal measured using Photoplethysmographic (PPG) sensors or(More)
An algorithm for automatic detection of Atrial Fibrillation (AF) using R peak to R peak (RR) interval from electrocardiograph (ECG) signals has been developed and evaluated. The algorithm consists of a preprocessing which is based on Pan-Tompkins method to extract reliable QRS complex thus RR interval, followed by a 3 steps approach to detect AF using RR(More)
Continuous pulse rate, blood pressure and blood flow monitoring are important for the assessment<lb>of physiological vital signs as these are able to provide continuous feedback on the health condition<lb>of an individual. Existing commercial, medical and research methods to continuously acquire these<lb>physiological vital signs require good electrical or(More)
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