Chee-Seng Chow

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This paper studies the application of multigrid methods to a class of discrete time, continuous state, discounted, infinite horizon dynamic programming problems. We analyze the computational complexity of computing the optimal cost function to within a desired accuracy of e, as a function of E and of the discount factor a. Using an advesary argument, we(More)
A major security threat to any security solutions based on a centralized server is the possibility of an adversary gaining access to and taking control of the server The adversary may then learn secrets cor rupt data or send erroneous messages In practice such an adversary may be more prevalent than one would like to admit It may be a malicious hacker a(More)
We develop an abstract framework for the study of multigrid algorithms for the approximate solution of a general fixed-point problem that can be discretized at various levels of accuracy ("grids"). We assume that at each grid-level, we have an iterative algorithm for solving the resulting discretized problem. There are three grid-level dependent parameters:(More)
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