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Intracellular Targeting Mechanisms by Antimicrobial Peptides
ABSTRACT Antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) are expressed in various living organisms as first-line host defenses against potential harmful encounters in their surroundings. AMPs are short polycationicExpand
E-cadherin: Its dysregulation in carcinogenesis and clinical implications.
E-cadherin is a transmembrane glycoprotein which connects epithelial cells together at adherens junctions. In normal cells, E-cadherin exerts its tumour suppressing role mainly by sequesteringExpand
Critical role of IRF-5 in regulation of B-cell differentiation
IFN-regulatory factor 5 (IRF-5), a member of the IRF family, is a transcription factor that has a key role in the induction of the antiviral and inflammatory response. When compared with C57BL/6Expand
Myxoma Virus Induces Type I Interferon Production in Murine Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells via a TLR9/MyD88-, IRF5/IRF7-, and IFNAR-Dependent Pathway
ABSTRACT Poxviruses are large DNA viruses that replicate in the cytoplasm of infected cells. Myxoma virus is a rabbit poxvirus that belongs to the Leporipoxvirus genus. It causes a lethal diseaseExpand
Innate Immune Response of Human Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells to Poxvirus Infection Is Subverted by Vaccinia E3 via Its Z-DNA/RNA Binding Domain
Plasmacytoid dendritic cells (pDCs) play important roles in antiviral innate immunity by producing type I interferon (IFN). In this study, we assess the immune responses of primary human pDCs to twoExpand
The TRAIL to cancer therapy: Hindrances and potential solutions.
Apoptosis is an ordered and orchestrated cellular process that occurs in physiological and pathological conditions. Resistance to apoptosis is a hallmark of virtually all malignancies. Despite beingExpand
Phytosterols isolated from Clinacanthus nutans induce immunosuppressive activity in murine cells
&NA; Clinacanthus nutans (Burm. f.) Lindau is a traditional medicinal plant belonging to the Acanthaceae family. Its therapeutic potentials have been increasingly documented particularly theExpand
Distinct Regulation of Murine Lupus Susceptibility Genes by the IRF5/Blimp-1 Axis
Genome-wide association studies have identified lupus susceptibility genes such as IRF5 and PRDM1 (encoding for IFN regulatory factor 5 [IRF]5 and Blimp-1) in the human genome. Accordingly, theExpand
IRF5-mediated immune responses and its implications in immunological disorders
ABSTRACT Transcription factors are gene regulators that activate or repress target genes. One family of the transcription factors that have been extensively studied for their crucial role inExpand
The Potential of Antiviral Peptides as COVID-19 Therapeutics
To date, more than 17 million cases of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and 900,000 deaths have been reported globally (World Health Organization, 2020). Major collaborative efforts focusing onExpand