Chee Meng Chew

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— We present an adaptive sampling approach to 3D reconstruction of the welding joint using the point cloud that is generated by a laser sensor. We start with a randomized strategy to approximate the surface of the volume of interest through selection of a number of pivotal candidates. Furthermore, we introduce three proposal distributions over the(More)
— We present a deep learning approach to estimation of the bead parameters in welding tasks. Our model is based on a four-hidden-layer neural network architecture. More specifically, the first three hidden layers of this architecture utilize Sigmoid function to produce their respective intermediate outputs. On the other hand, the last hidden layer uses a(More)
— This article presents a novel utilization of the concept of entropy in information theory to a model-free reconstruction of 3D space in presence of noise. We show that its formulation attains its global minimum at the upper edge of this space to facilitate the extraction of its volume. Furthermore, we present a Monte Carlo approach that is based on the(More)