Chee Chern Lim

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This paper proposed an out-sourcing system to improve the shape recognition in terms of the accuracy, speed, and also the accessibility of such tool over the Internet. The proposed system will be implemented using XML and Java technology. It is the first web-based system to provide such shape-searching tool using the XML and out-source portal concepts.(More)
All people treasure privacy, linking it to their concept of personal freedom and well-being. Unfortunately, the Internet's great promise-that it facilitates the collection, re-use and instantaneous transmission of information-can, if not managed carefully, diminish personal privacy. It is therefore essential, in any application developed, to assure personal(More)
Real time e-learning has gained more grounds in recent times. It has allowed bidirectional interactions between the participants in a synchronized manner. When multiple multimedia data streams are uses, synchronization protocol is required both known to the instructor streaming server and student's PC. Many types of multimedia synchronization protocols are(More)
The trend of e-learning technologies is expanding fast. Web-based learning environments are becoming very common in the higher education institutions. Nowadays e-learning management systems are very popular. Many universities throughout the world deliver educational programs via the Internet. Developments of e-learning systems are generating great impact in(More)
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