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Review of the issid genus Parasarima Yang (Hemiptera: Fulgoroidea: Issidae) with description of one new species from China.
This paper reviewed the genus Parasarima Yang and revised the generic diagonsis. Parasarima triphylla, a new species of Issidae (Hemiptera) is described from Hubei and Guangxi, China. In addition, aExpand
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Enhanced interfacial adhesion between PMMA and carbon fiber by graphene oxide coating
Abstract The purpose of this study is to increase the interfacial properties in PMMA/carbon fiber (PMMA/CF) composites Graphene oxide (GO) and brached polyethyleneimine were coated onto the surfaceExpand
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Current research on the systematics of cockroaches (Blattaria) worldwide.
This paper addresses cockroach systematics from four perspectives: the current higher taxanomic hierarchy, status of species descriptions and revisions, taxonomic methods and phylogenetic study, andExpand
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Seven new species and one new record of Gergithus Stal (Hemiptera: Fulgoroidea: Issidae) from China
-Eight Chinese species of the genus Gergithus StÅl are treated. Gergithus gravidus Melichar is reported for the first time from China, and the following seven new species are described: G.Expand
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A study on the affection of Wusu heavy load training to the national traditional sports undergraduates' lactate and blood urea nitrogen
After analyzed the variations of the lactate and blood urea nitrogen from 15 undergraduates of the national traditional sports major,we got the conclusion that the lactic acid in blood and blood ureaExpand
On the harmonious development of sports construction and traditional national sports in the new rural areas
This paper suggests that we should integrate the traditional national sports with sports construction in the new rural areas,with traditional national sports as a bridge,to boost the development ofExpand
Envision of national traditional sports:modernization and globalization
National traditional sports,as one of Chinese excellent national cultures,has diversified contents and forms,performing such functions as entertainment,longevity preservation and competition and itExpand
A new genus of the subfamily hemisphaeriinae (Hemiptera: Fulgoroidea: Issidae) from China
Choutagus longicephalus, a new genus and new species of Issidae (Hemiptera) are described based on specimens from Hainan and Guangxi, China.
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