Che-Sheng Wen

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This study investigated the herb-drug interaction of xanthorrhizol and tamoxifen in human breast cancer cells. Using MCF-7 cell line as an in vitro model, the herb-drug interaction between xanthorrhizol and tamoxifen was measured by MTT assay, luciferase reporter assay, and cell cycle analysis. The effects of xanthorrhizol on growth/autophagy related(More)
INTRODUCTION There is epidemiological evidence that Jia-Wei-Xiao-Yao-San (JWXYS) is the most common Chinese medicine decoction coprescribed with tamoxifen (Tam) when breast cancer is treated by hormonal therapy. However, whether there is interaction between JWXYS and Tam remains to be clarified. The aim of this study was to investigate the in vitro and in(More)
Aim. Our aim the was to screen the commonly used Chinese herbs in order to detect changes in ERBB2 and ESR1 gene expression using MCF-7 cells. Methods. Using the MCF-7 human breast cancer cell line, cell cytotoxicity and proliferation were evaluated by MTT and trypan blue exclusion assays, respectively. A luciferase reporter assay was established by(More)
BACKGROUND It is important to perform the first 12 weeks of rehabilitation without risk of tearing a cuff tendon from its repair site. Our hypothesis was that performing early postoperative rehabilitation with a limitable pendulum exercise device can produce lower retear rate outcomes when it is combined with safe, informed physiotherapy compared with a(More)
Shoulder disorders in general incidence of musculoskeletal are ranked as the third rotator cuff tear from the top [1]. With rapidly-advanced surgical techniques, optimal rehabilitation following rotator cuff repair has become increasingly important and challenging for orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists [2]. This study will use the concept of(More)
Evidence shows that Luminal A breast cancer is likely to undergo bone metastasis, but the mechanisms involved remain unknown. This study’s aim was to demonstrate a correlation between estrogen receptor (ER) positivity and bone metastasis as the clinically preferred site of metastasis, as well as investigating the role of ERα-Src signaling in MCF-7 cells(More)
ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE Postmenopausal osteoporosis is the most common bone disease worldwide. Information concerning the effects of herbal medicines on mesenchymal cell osteogenesis and senescence remains lacking. AIM OF THIS STUDY This study was designed to investigate the effects of Du-Huo-Ji-Sheng-Tang (DHJST), a Chinese herbal medicine and its(More)
BACKGROUND Early microcirculatory responses after experimental tenotomy are critical to the healing of tendons and their ultimate tensile strength. The effects of changes in microcirculation on the outcomes of tendon healing, however, have not been determined. OBJECTIVES To assess microcirculation values in injured Achilles tendons in the first 3 months(More)
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