Che Sau Chang

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A novel approach of differential evolution (DE) by incorporating the Pareto-optimal set is presented for optimising train movement through tuning fuzzy membership functions in mass transit systems. The Pareto-optimal based multiobjective optimisation approach uniquely provides a set of optimal non-dominated solutions to the decision-maker. From the set, the(More)
Shake-and-Bake is a direct-methods procedure in which phase refinement and Fourier refinement are alternated repetitively, unconditionally and automatically. The traditional Shake-and-Bake approach invoked a parameter-shift routine to perform phase refinement in an effort to reduce the value of minimal function. In this paper, parameter shift is replaced(More)
In this paper, we derive bounds on the speed-up and eeciency of applications that schedule tasks on a set of parallel processors. We assume that the application runs an algorithm that consists of N iterations and before starting its i + 1'st iteration, a processor must wait for data (i.e., synchronize) calculated in the i'th iteration by a subset of the(More)
In this paper, honey bee algorithm is proposed to optimise the economic and emission dispatch problems in power systems effectively. This optimization method focuses the global solution in a sense that a generation company need carry out the cost reduction and emission reduction under competitive environment. In recent years increasing of thermal power(More)
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