Che Sau Chang

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A novel approach of differential evolution (DE) by incorporating the Pareto-optimal set is presented for optimising train movement through tuning fuzzy membership functions in mass transit systems. The Pareto-optimal based multiobjective optimisation approach uniquely provides a set of optimal non-dominated solutions to the decision-maker. From the set, the(More)
Murine class I molecules are ligands for Ly-49 molecules, a family of regulatory receptors expressed on murine NK cells. Since soluble sulfated mono- and polysaccharides interfere with the interaction of Ly-49A, a C-type lectin, and its class I ligand, Dd, it is possible that the oligosaccharides on class I molecules are sulfated and participate in Ly-49A(More)
In this paper, we derive bounds on the speed-up and eeciency of applications that schedule tasks on a set of parallel processors. We assume that the application runs an algorithm that consists of N iterations and before starting its i + 1'st iteration, a processor must wait for data (i.e., synchronize) calculated in the i'th iteration by a subset of the(More)
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