Che-Ping Su

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In this paper, we proposed a novel video enhancement for moving-objects in the dusk environment based on mixed-mode processing which involves de-noising, moving object detection, and image enhancement. The basic strategy is to first calculate each pixel’s motion vector and then check the magnitude of this motion vector to determine that the pixel(More)
Justification logic originated from the study of the logic of proofs. However, in a more general setting, it may be regarded as a kind of explicit epistemic logic. In such logic, the reasons a fact is believed are explicitly represented as justification terms. Traditionally, the modeling of uncertain beliefs is crucially important for epistemic reasoning.(More)
In this paper, we propose a video noise reduction method in low light environment. The basic idea is to analyze the pixel characteristic of the image. Divide the image into four kinds of regions and filtering these regions with different ways. The main advantage of the technique is that it is able to reduce the noise variance in smooth areas but at the same(More)
In his 2003 paper, Ten philosophical problems in belief revision, Sven Ove Hansson argues that sometimes belief revision might essentially involve inconsistent epistemic states, and that to better model belief revision requires well modeling inconsistent epistemic states. In this paper, we are going to develop a type of justification logic, which is(More)
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