Che-Min Kung

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A low-sensitivity, low-bounce, high-linearity current-controlled oscillator (CCO) suitable for a single-supply mixed-mode instrumentation system is designed and proposed in this paper. The designed CCO can be operated at low voltage (2 V). The power bounce and ground bounce generated by this CCO is less than 7 mVpp when the power-line parasitic inductance(More)
A new single-inductor quadratic buck converter using average-current-mode control without slope-compensation is proposed in this paper. The average-current-mode technology minimizes several power-management problems, such as efficiency, EMI, size, transient response, design complexity, and cost. In DC/DC conversion applications that require a wide range of(More)
The communication speed between components is far from satisfactory. To achieve high speed, simple control system configuration, and low cost, a new on-chip all-digital three-phase dc/ac power inverter using feedforward and frequency control techniques is proposed. The controller of the proposed power inverter, called the shift register, consists of(More)
Four new CMOS inverter-based voltage multipliers consisted of PMOS/NMOS pass transistors, inverter circuits, and capacitors are proposed in the paper. The proposed voltage multipliers which combine the functions of rectifiers and charge-pumps improve the power conversion efficiency and reduce the number of passive components therefore they are suitable for(More)
In this paper, the algorithm for the stepless tunable four-chip LED on the black body radiation curve, using the Generalized Reduced Gradient method, is proposed. The lumen outputs of four-chip LED, for color temperatures between 2500K and 6500K, are then calculated in real-time, without using a lookup table, and for high quality lighting design.
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