Che-Lun Hung

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BACKGROUND There has not been a comprehensive multi-center study investigating the microbial profile of community acquired pneumonia (CAP) in Taiwan. METHODS A prospective study of adult CAP patients requiring hospitalization between December 2001 and April 2002 was carried out in 13 hospitals in Taiwan. Etiology was determined based on laboratory data(More)
BACKGROUND The disease burden and associated medical costs of rotavirus infections in inpatient and outpatient sectors in Taiwan were examined in anticipation of the availability of new rotavirus vaccines. METHODS The yearly national case number and medical costs for all for inpatients and outpatients with acute gastroenteritis (AGE) were extracted from(More)
Of the 798 clinical Salmonella isolates collected from multiple hospitals in Taiwan, resistance to ampicillin (48.5%), chloramphenicol (55.3%), streptomycin (59.0%), sulfamethoxazole (68.0%), and tetracycline (67.8%) was high, whereas resistance to all 5 antimicrobials (ACSSuT R-type) comprised 327 (41%) and was highly prevalent in Salmonella enterica(More)
Antibiotics are a cornerstone of modern medicine, but antibiotic resistance increasingly threatens to erode their effectiveness. The emergence of drug-resistant pathogens is a negative externality associated with antibiotic use. Many patients, who do not internalize this social cost, prefer physicians who casually prescribe antibiotics. If offering these(More)
With the rapid development of network hardware technologies and network bandwidth, the high link speeds and huge amount of threats poses challenges to network intrusion detection systems, which must handle the higher network traffic and perform more complicated packet processing. In general, pattern matching is a highly computationally intensive process(More)
Identifying the regions associated with protein function is a singularly important task in the post-genomic era. Biological studies often identify functional enzyme residues by amino acid sequences, particularly when related structural information is unavailable. In some cases of protein superfamilies, functional residues are difficult to detect by current(More)
The Smith-Waterman (SW) algorithm has been widely utilized for searching biological sequence databases in bioinformatics. Recently, several works have adopted the graphic card with Graphic Processing Units (GPUs) and their associated CUDA model to enhance the performance of SW computations. However, these works mainly focused on the protein database search(More)
For biological applications, sequence alignment is an important strategy to analyze DNA and protein sequences. Multiple sequence alignment is an essential methodology to study biological data, such as homology modeling, phylogenetic reconstruction and etc. However, multiple sequence alignment is a NP-hard problem. In the past decades, progressive approach(More)
Cellular proteins are the mediators of multiple organism functions being involved in physiological mechanisms and disease. By discovering lead compounds that affect the function of target proteins, the target diseases or physiological mechanisms can be modulated. Based on knowledge of the ligand-receptor interaction, the chemical structures of leads can be(More)