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A variety of process developments on the gate module and design optimization of the EPI structure were performed to support yield enhancement of 0.25μm GaN HEMT technology. The technological developments to be discussed pertain to the results of a gate pre-treatment DOE experiment, to implement the best condition for reliability improvement; a gate module(More)
The RF performance obtainable from a device often falls short of the expectations raised by analysis of the DCIV curves. This difference is typically associated with thermal or trapping effects. Hence, RF performance is traditionally assessed using load pull techniques, which can identify the optimum operating conditions, but cannot explain the shortfall.(More)
This paper presents the development of a newly available short gate length 0.25μm GaN HEMT technology and focuses on fabrication, process control, RF characterization and DC reliability. Our pure play Foundry services support discrete and RF applications with detailed specifications and wafer acceptance tests. The analysis of load-pull measurements(More)