Chaya Levovitz

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BACKGROUND Recent genomic and bioinformatic advances have motivated the development of numerous network models intending to describe graphs of biological, technological, and sociological origin. In most cases the success of a model has been evaluated by how well it reproduces a few key features of the real-world data, such as degree distributions, mean(More)
BACKGROUND Fat grafting has emerged as a useful method for breast contouring in aesthetic and reconstructive patients. Advancements have been made in fat graft harvest and delivery, but the ability to judge the overall success of fat grafting remains limited. The authors applied three-dimensional imaging technology to assess volumetric fat graft survival(More)
BACKGROUND Datasets generated on deep-sequencing platforms have been deposited in various public repositories such as the Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO), Sequence Read Archive (SRA) hosted by the NCBI, or the DNA Data Bank of Japan (ddbj). Despite being rich data sources, they have not been used much due to the difficulty in locating and analyzing datasets(More)
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