Chawin Sitawarin

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We propose the use of data transformations as a defense against evasion attacks on ML classifiers. We present and investigate strategies for incorporating a variety of data transformations including dimensionality reduction via Principal Component Analysis and data ‘anti-whitening’ to enhance the resilience of machine learning, targeting both the(More)
We describe a large-scale computational approach based on topology optimization that enables automatic discovery of novel nonlinear photonic structures. As examples, we design complex cavity and fiber geometries that can achieve high-efficiency nonlinear frequency conversion.
As an initial assessment, over 480,000 labeled virtual images of normal highway driving were readily generated in Grand Theft Auto V's virtual environment. Using these images, a CNN was trained to detect following distance to cars/objects ahead, lane markings, and driving angle (angular heading relative to lane centerline): all variables necessary for basic(More)
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