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ActiveVessel is a new multimedia workstation that enables the visualization, acquisition, and handling of different medical image modalities onand off-line for cardiology purposes. The workstation implements image decompression and browsing, video acquisition, reproduction, and storage for intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) and angiogram (X-ray) analysis. A(More)
AbsfmefdctiveVesseI is a new multimedia workstation which enables the visualization, acquisition and handling of different medical image modalities onand offline for cardiologv purposes. It implements DICOM v3.0 decompression and browsina video acquisition, reproduction and storage for Intravascular UltraSound (IVUS) and angiogram analysis. A distinctive(More)
The effects of the static magnetic field (SMF) on zeta potential of erythrocytes from patients with heterozygous ‘thalassemia’ and healthy subjects were studied by means of cell micro-electrophoresis. Electrophoretic mobility (EPM) of ‘thalassemic’ erythrocytes from patients in pregnancy decreased significantly after SMF exposure (0.1 2 T) compared to the(More)
A framework for design of novel interfaces for Cloud compatible medical services called User Interface as a Service (UIaaS) is presented in the paper. The aim is to support seamless and ubiquitous health monitoring based on flexible and useful Cloud services for healthcare. The paper describes the methods and new interfaces for health monitoring that have(More)
A pilot interface system is developed for computer-aided diagnostic and interventional assistance of cardiologists based on clinical trials. The system includes optimized methods for processing and presentation of cardiological knowledge and data. The multimodal principle of the interface is based on know-how tests of a new magnetic microsensor for(More)
Future integrated systems will benefit significantly from the progress in batch manufactured silicon sensors and signal processing techniques. Silicon technologies make possible to produce sensing microdevices combining extreme sensitivity, accuracy and compact devices. Smart sensors on the base of vertical vector Hall effect devices offer a number of(More)
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