Chaudhry Usman Ali

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The Rule Responder SymposiumPlanner system supports topic-oriented collaboration between the distributed members of a virtual organization. Each member (or small team of members) is assisted by a semi-autonomous rule-based personal agent, which uses Semantic Web rules to capture aspects of the member’s (or team’s) derivation and reaction logic.(More)
We have all heard about a “science fiction” vision comprising agents running around the Web performing complex actions for normal users. Although, many people think that such a dream is far from reality, yet James Hendler thinks that such a concept is quite achievable in the Semantic Web. The Semantic Web will not primarily consist of neat ontologies,(More)
SymposiumPlanner-2011 is the newest in a series of Rule Responder instantiations for the Questions&Answers (Q&A) sections of the o cial websites of the RuleML Symposia. It supports committee members via personal agents based on member-encoded rule knowledge. The personal agents are invoked by an organizational agent which selects them using a responsibility(More)
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