Chau Phan

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abstract. Visualizations are everywhere, on signs and billboards, in newspapers and texts, informative or instructive. Designing effective visualizations is a challenge. We have developed a collaboration of cognitive and computer science for uncovering and instantiating cognitive design principles to generate visualizations automatically. The program is(More)
We demonstrated a real-time shift-invariant VanderLugt correlator (VLC). The VLC was implemented with a 37 microm thick bis-triarylamine side-chain polymer matrix photorefractive (PR) polymer composite operating at 532 nm wavelength. Correlation selectivity was enhanced by real-time edge enhancement. The advantage of the VLC is that its architecture allows(More)
This paper discusses an ultra-wideband (UW) tracking system design effort for Mini-AERCam (Autonomous Extra-vehicular Robotic Camera), a free-flying video camera system under development at NASA Johnson Space Center for aid in surveillance around the International Space Station (ISS). UWB technology is exploited to implement the tracking system due to its(More)
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