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Despite identification of multiple factors mediating salmon survival, significant disparities in survival-to-adulthood among hatchery- versus wild-origin juveniles persist. In the present report, we explore the hypothesis that hatchery-reared juveniles might exhibit morphological defects in vulnerable mechanosensory systems prior to release from the(More)
We identified dexamethasone-induced Ras protein 1 (Dexras1) as a negative regulator of protein kinase C (PKC) delta, and the consequences of this regulation have been examined for adenylyl cyclase (EC type 2 (AC2) signaling. Dexras1 expression in human embryonic kidney 293 cells completely abolished dopamine D2 receptor-mediated potentiation of AC2(More)
When stenosis of the larynx and trachea involves loss to anterior support, this is usually corrected by an autograft of costochondral cartilage or of hyoid bone anchored with suture material. This paper describes an alternative technique employing a Vitallium alloy miniplate placed anterior to the airway as a means for providing support. This is placed over(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop an accurate method for performing histopathologic analysis for a full cross-section of cortical bone within 2 to 3 hours. METHODS Microwave technology was used to augment and to more rapidly perform fixation and decalcification of cortical bone. RESULTS Using the methods described, slides suitable for histopathologic analyses(More)
We determined the prevalence and associated cost of isolation precautions. Current census and historic microbiology cultures were assessed for isolation appropriateness following national guidelines. Based on patient assessment and culture data, isolation was discontinued resulting in 4,087 days of isolation and over $141,000 dollars avoided from excess(More)
The protein G18 (also known as AGS4 or GPSM3) contains three conserved GoLoco/GPR domains in its central and C-terminal regions that bind to inactive Galpha(i), whereas the N-terminal region has not been previously characterized. We investigated whether this domain might itself regulate G protein activity by assessing the abilities of G18 and mutants(More)
Cytolytic effectors polarize toward target cells for effective killing and IFN-gamma secretion. The spatiotemporal features of this polarization and their importance for cytolysis have not been resolved. In cytotoxic T cells and natural killer (NK) cells, transient polarization was consistently associated with effective killing. Polarization was regulated(More)
Dexras1/AGS1/RasD1 is a member of the Ras superfamily of monomeric G proteins and has been suggested to disrupt receptor-G protein signaling. We examined the ability of Dexras1 to modulate dopamine D(2L) receptor regulation of adenylyl cyclase (AC) type 1 in HEK293 cells. Acute D(2L) receptor-mediated inhibition of A23187-stimulated AC1 activity (IC50,(More)
During endocytic transport, specific integral membrane proteins are sorted into intraluminal vesicles that bud from the limiting membrane of the endosome. This process, known as multivesicular body (MVB) sorting, is important for several important biological processes. Moreover, components of the MVB sorting machinery are implicated in virus budding. During(More)
The objectives of this study were to (i) identify 'Worried' and 'Fencesitter' mothers through the use of screening questions; (ii) obtain detailed information from participants about their attitudes and beliefs regarding vaccines and their interactions with their child's main health care provider, including availability of immunization information; (iii)(More)