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It was reported previously that enolase enzyme activity and ENO1 transcript levels are induced by anaerobic stress in maize (Zea mays). Here we show that not all isoforms of maize enolase are anaerobically induced. We cloned and sequenced a second enolase cDNA clone (pENO2) from maize. Sequence analysis showed that pENO2 shares 75.6% nucleotide and 89.5%(More)
BACKGROUND To evaluate the prevalence and characteristics of paratracheal air cysts and their association with emphysema and gender in a general population using low-dose computed tomography scanning of the chest. MATERIALS AND METHODS We retrospectively enrolled a total of 924 patients (584 women, 340 men; mean age, 59.73 years; range, 37-89 years) who(More)
BACKGROUND Because granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (G-CSF) has anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties and is known to mobilize stem cells, it may be useful in the treatment of acute ischemic stroke. We sought to examine the feasibility, safety and efficacy of using G-CSF to treat acute stroke. METHODS We conducted a randomized, blinded(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Hyperintense putaminal rim (HPR) on the T2-weighted imaging, which has been observed in our daily practice while reading 3T brain images, has been described as a finding typical of multiple system atrophy (MSA). We hypothesized that the HPR sign is not an exclusive hallmark of MSA at a high magnetic field strength, but rather may be a(More)
PURPOSE In this study, we have examined the antitumor effects of chloroform extract of Angelica sinensis (AS-C), a traditional Chinese medicine, on glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) brain tumors in vitro and in vivo. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN In vitro, GBM cells were treated with AS-C, and the cell proliferation, changes in distributions of cell cycle, and(More)
BACKGROUND Angiosarcoma is a rare neoplasm. It is most likely to affect the scalp in elderly people and involvement of the cranium is uncommon. We report a case of primary malignant angiosarcoma of the cranial vault. CASE DESCRIPTION An 82-year-old man presented with right hemiparesis, deformity of the cranium and mildly swollen scalp. Further studies(More)
In 24 patients with vascular dementia of Binswanger's type (VDBT) and 14 age-matched neurologically normal volunteers, we investigated the relationship between clinical features, white matter lesions (leucoaraiosis) and cerebral atrophy on computed tomography (CT) scan, and regional cerebral blood flow. All subjects underwent the Mini-Mental State(More)
In our previous study, intracerebral implantation of peripheral blood stem cells (PBSCs) improved functional outcome in rats with chronic cerebral infarction. Based on this finding, a randomized, single blind controlled study was conducted in 30 patients [PBSC group (n = 15) and control group (n = 15)] with middle cerebral artery infarction confirmed on a(More)