Chase Hensel

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Background: The People Awakening Project (1RO1 AA 11446-03) had two purposes, completed in Phase I and Phase II of the project. The purpose of Phase I was to complete a qualitative study; the research objective was discovery oriented with the specific aim of identification of protective and recovery factors in Alaska Native sobriety. Results were used to(More)
Alcohol research in Alaska Native communities has a contentious history. This project has attempted to address a critical need for research to guide alcohol abuse prevention and treatment with Alaska Natives using culturally anchored participatory action research. The process of grounding the research methodology in the culture and community is described,(More)
Our nation’s infrastructure for generating, transmitting, and distributing electricity – “The Grid” – is a relic based in many respects on century-old technology. It consists of expensive, centralized generation via large plants, and a massive transmission and distribution system. It strives to deliver high-quality power to all subscribers simultaneously –(More)
Alcohol abuse is closely connected with so much hurt and pain in northern communities that it had to be addressed in this session. Much of what is done in the way of prevention and treatment of alcohol abuse originates from outside indigenous cultures. However, many Native people have either remained sober or become sober without ever going into a formal(More)
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