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Requests for outpatient specialty consultations occur frequently but often are of poor quality because of incompleteness. The authors searched bibliographic databases, trial registries, and references during October 2014 for studies evaluating interventions to improve the quality of outpatient specialty referral requests compared to usual practice. Two(More)
Importance Overdiagnosis of cancer-the identification of cancers that are unlikely to progress-is a source of discomfort and challenge for patients, physicians, and health care systems. A major cause of this discomfort is the inability to know prospectively with certainty which cancers are overdiagnosed. In thyroid cancer, as patients have begun to(More)
Exercise is a very common precipitant of asthma. Inflammation and edema are felt to be important components of the asthmatic response. Heat and water loss from the airway mucosa are most likely important in its pathogenesis, although the exact etiology remains unknown. A good history combined with proper diagnostic testing can usually determine the(More)
CONTENT Management of primary hyperparathyroidism has evolved over the past two decades, yet impaired renal function has consistently been a surgical indication. This recommendation has been based upon the historical association between primary hyperparathyroidism and renal impairment, and a review of the literature is needed to determine whether such a(More)
OBJECTIVE Outpatient specialty consultations rely on the timeliness and completeness of referral information to facilitate a valuable patient-specialist interaction. This project aimed to increase essential diagnostic information availability at the initial consultation for patients referred for common endocrine conditions frequently lacking such(More)
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