Charwak Apte

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Instance and temperature-dependent leakage power variability is already a significant issue in contemporary embedded processors, and one which is expected to increase in importance with scaling of semiconductor technology. We measure and characterize this leakage power variability in current microprocessors, and show that variability aware duty cycle(More)
The authors consider the mcf and gzip benchmarks and observe that mcf gets the largest benefit from DVFS because it is memory bound rather than CPU bound. Looking across three different Opteron CPUs, they found that the older two had a power-optimal point around 1.6GHz but that, with a more modern processor, DVFS was ineffective at saving power. One(More)
Data mining has burst into the limelight recently, thanks to a series of key application successes [2]. Big business and industry has raised the stakes by investing in this nascent technology, and has laid down high expectations for this emerging area. Although the methods and systems for data mining are based upon and in uenced by years of classical work(More)
Instance and temperature-dependent power variation has a direct impact on quality of sensing for battery-powered long-running sensing applications. We measure and characterize the active and leakage power for an ARM Cortex M3 processor and show that, across a temperature range of 20 -60, there is a 10% variation in active power, and a variation in leakage(More)
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