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The Determinants of Corporate Board Size and Composition: An Empirical Analysis
Many theories have been proposed to explain how corporate boards are structured. This paper groups these theories into three hypotheses and tests them empirically. We utilize a unique panel datasetExpand
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Determinants of Board Size and Composition: A Theory of Corporate Boards
This paper models the interaction of firm insiders and outsiders on a corporate board and addresses the question of the board's ideal size and composition. In the model, the board is responsible forExpand
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The Benefits of Focus vs. Heterogeneity: Dissimilar Directors and Coordination within Corporate Boards
We examine dispersion in director characteristics within a board. Directors with different skills can augment the board’s overall expertise and decision making flexibility, but they also faceExpand
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Internal managerial promotions: Insider incentives and CEO succession
We identify and compare firms that promote a single executive (successor-incentive) and companies that conduct tournaments (tournament-incentive) among inside managers to succeed the CEO.Expand
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Do Opposites Attract ? Dissimilar Directors and Coordination within Corporate Boards *
We investigate the implications of dispersion in individual director characteristics within a corporate board for shareholder value. The presence of directors with dissimilar skill sets can augmentExpand
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CEOs vs. Directors: Who Calls the Shots When Firms Underperform?
We study the evolution of the board among firms experiencing a sudden negative performance shock and highlight the influence of the CEO in determining the changes. Over 40% of the original directorsExpand
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¿Llegó la hora de hacer una movida lateral?: ¿cuan lejos puede llegar a influir un director de RH en un nombramiento cuando hay muchos factores en juego?
Cuando una empresa de seguros de Reino Unido se ve afectada por un fraude de valores que da como resultado la expulsion del CEO, la jefa de recursos humanos trata de aprovechar la oportunidad paraExpand
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Gradually truncated log-normal in USA publicly traded firm size distribution
We study the statistical distribution of firm size for USA and Brazilian publicly traded firms through the Zipf plot technique. Sale size is used to measure firm size. The Brazilian firm sizeExpand
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Benefits of Focus vs. Heterogeneity: An Analysis of Corporate Boards
We study the costs and benefits of dispersion in directors’ incentives and ability within corporate boards. Director incentive is measured by their ownership in the firm and number of outsideExpand
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The Interaction of Insiders and Outsiders in Monitoring: A Theory of Corporate Boards
I explicitly model the interaction of inside and outside corporate board members in a firm where the board is responsible for monitoring projects and making CEO succession decisions. Inside directorsExpand
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