Charnyote Pluempitiwiriyawej

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This paper describes the design and implementation of a replicable, Internet-based negotiation server for conducting bargaining-type negotiations between enterprises involved in e-commerce and e-business. Enterprises can be buyers and sellers of products/services or participants of a complex supply chain engaged in purchasing, planning, and scheduling.(More)
Large-scaled software development inevitably involves a group of stakeholders, each of whom may express their requirements differently in their own terminology and representation depending on their perspectives or perceptions of their shared problems. In view of that, the heterogeneity must be well handled and resolved in tracing and managing changes of(More)
We describe a family of heuristics-based clustering strategies to support the merging of XML data from multiple sources. As part of this research, we have developed a comprehensive classification for schematic and semantic conflicts that can occur when reconciling related XML data from multiple sources. Given the fact that element clustering is(More)
Multiperspective requirements traceability (MUPRET) tool is resulted from our attempt in resolving the heterogeneity in traceability of multiperspective requirements artifacts. The MUPRET tool facilitates the automatic extraction and construction of requirements elements of an individual stakeholder into a so-called requirements ontology. As a result,(More)
Context management is the key enabler for emerging context-aware applications, and it includes context acquisition, understanding and exchanging. Context exchanging should be made privacy-conscious. We can specify privacy preferences to limit the disclosure of sensitive contexts, but the sensitive contexts could still be derived from those insensitive. To(More)
In a software development process, different stakeholders may deal with different pieces of software requirements depending on their perspectives or perception of their problems. Each of the stakeholders may define his/her requirements in his/her own point of view using different terminologies. However, a variety of stakeholders will need to interoperate,(More)
We describe the Integration Wizard (IWIZ) system for retrieving heterogeneous information from multiple data sources. IWIZ provides users with an integrated, queriable view of the information that is available in the sources without a need to know where the information is coming from and how it is accessed. Due to the popularity of the Web, we focus on(More)