Charmaine Yvonne Brown

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The floor plate (FP) is a midline signaling center, known to direct ventral cell fates and axon guidance in the neural tube. The recent identification of midbrain FP as a source of dopaminergic neurons has renewed interest in its specification and organization, which remain poorly understood. In this study, we have examined the chick midbrain and spinal FP(More)
BACKGROUND The amenability of the chick embryo to a variety of manipulations has made it an ideal experimental model organism for over 100 years. The ability to manipulate gene function via in ovo electroporations has further revolutionized its value as an experimental model in the last 15 years. Although in ovo electroporations are simple to conduct in(More)
In ovo electroporation of chick embryos at ages ≥ E2 is simple to conduct and widely used to manipulate gene function. However, in ovo electroporation at early E1 stages has so far been unsuccessful because of unacceptable levels of tissue damage and embryonic lethality. Early E1 manipulations in the chick have therefore relied on in vitro electroporation,(More)
Dedication This is dedicated to my parents, Mark and Iris, who have loved and supported me through the ups and downs, and to my grandparents, Chet and Joyce, without whom I wouldn't be where I am today. The floorplate (FP) is located at the ventral midline of the developing neural tube, and is involved in patterning and specification of ventral and dorsal(More)
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