Charlton M. Lewis

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The absorption spectra of the principal pigment components extracted from Chroococcus cells have been measured, and their sum compared with the absorption of a suspension of living cells. The agreement was sufficiently close so that it was concluded the absorption spectra of the extracted and separated pigment components could be used to obtain estimates of(More)
The multipoint identity-by-descent method (MIM) was extended to test for evidence of quantitative trait loci in two independent genetic regions. This method is a fast and feasible implementation of a multiple-marker, two-region linkage analysis for quantitative traits. It tests for significant evidence of quantitative trait loci (QTL) in neither, one or(More)
Multi-decadal to centennial-scale shifts in effective moisture over the past two millennia are inferred from sedimentary records from six lakes spanning a ~250 km region in northwest Ontario. This is the first regional application of a technique developed to reconstruct drought from drainage lakes (open lakes with surface outlets). This regional network of(More)
A boxmodel of the Great Lakes is used to estimate meltwater flow into the North Atlantic between 8000 and 14,000 calendar years B.P. Controls on the model include the oxygen isotopic composition of meltwaters and lake waters as measured in the shells of ostracodes. Outflow rates are highest when oxygen isotopic values of the lake waters are most negative,(More)
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