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Standards of penile and clitoral sizes are useful for diagnosis of genital abnormalities. In order to verify whether ethnicity has an effect on the size of external genitalia in newborns, 570 full term infants, Jews (221) and Bedouins (349), at the neonatal department of the Soroka Medical Center were examined. Clitoral length, the distance between the(More)
Earlier studies have found that perseverative checking provokes memory distrust for checked stimuli, suggesting that compulsive checking is a counter-productive strategy to increase memory confidence. Obsessive Compulsive (OC) uncertainty also occurs for functions other than memory, like perception. Uncertainty about perception in OC patients gives rise to(More)
We compared 60 twin pregnancies treated by bed rest, 37 treated by cervical suture and 36 receiving no active treatment. The incidence of the spontaneous onset of labour before 36 weeks of gestation, the mean gestational age at delivery, mean birth weights of the first and second twins and the incidence of 'small-for-dates babies' were similar in all three(More)