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A new species of Myrianida (Autolytinae, Syllidae, Annelida) from the North Sea, with short notes on the distribution and habitat of Northeast Atlantic autolytines
Abstract In this paper, we describe Myrianida sanmartini, a new species of Autolytinae from the North Sea, southwest and north of Helgoland. The species is unique within the genus in that theExpand
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Description of Spadella valsalinae sp. nov., a neo-endemic benthic chaetognath from Northern Adriatic Sea (Croatia) with remarks on its morphology, phylogeny and biogeography
We describe a new chaetognath species, Spadella valsalinae sp. nov., discovered and collected in the Northern Adriatic Sea (Pula, Croatia). S. valsalinae sp. nov. is a benthic species living at 10–12Expand
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