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Linguistic Processing of Accented Speech Across the Lifespan
This paper examines work on the perception of accented speech across the lifespan, from early infancy to late adulthood, by underlining points of convergence across ages, and the gaps left to face in future work. Expand
The effects of lexical neighbors on stop consonant articulation.
The results show minimal pair neighbors can result both in enhancement and reduction of voicing contrasts (in initial vs final position), and differentially affect voiced vs voiceless consonants. Expand
Re-Examining Phonetic Variability in Native and Non-Native Speech
Results show that non-native speakers do not always exhibit more phonetic variability than native speakers, but rather that patterns of variability are specific to individual linguistic features and their instantiations in L1 and L2. Expand
Listener sensitivity to probabilistic conditioning of sociolinguistic variables: The case of (ING)
Abstract This paper investigates the extent to which listeners are cued into the systematicity of variability in speech, particularly the grammatical conditioning constraints of the EnglishExpand
Operationalizing Linguistic Gratuity: From Principle to Practice
This work considers theoretical, methodological, and practical issues in sociolinguistic engagement and dialect awareness outreach programs based on a range of experience in a variety of local and general public venues, based on the principle that the public is inherently curious about language differences. Expand
Expectations about the source of a speaker's accent affect accent adaptation.
  • Charlotte Vaughn
  • Medicine, Psychology
  • The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
  • 31 May 2019
Listeners' expectations about the source of a speaker's accent-whether the speaker is purported to be an L1 or an L2 speaker-affect intelligibility is considered, and priming listeners to expect that their ability to understand L2-accented speech can improve does in fact improve intelligibility. Expand
Measurement variability in vowel formant estimation: A simulation experiment
This paper considers sources of error in common vowel formant extraction techniques, investigating the extent to which the temporal point of measurement and software settings influence the formantExpand
Perceptual integration of indexical information in bilingual speech
The present research examines how different types of indexical information, namely talker information and the language being spoken, are perceptually integrated in bilingual speech. Using a speededExpand
Processing Relationships Between Language-Being-Spoken and Other Speech Dimensions in Monolingual and Bilingual Listeners
Results demonstrate that language-being-spoken is integrated in processing with each of the other dimensions tested, and that these processing dependencies seem to be independent of listeners’ bilingual status or experience with the languages tested. Expand