Charlotte Sadowski

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During the past decades, the classic Whipple resection (cWhipple) and the pylorus-preserving Whipple (ppWhipple) operation have been advanced for the resection of cancer of the pancreatic head. However, no definitive answer exists as to whether the more conservative ppWhipple operation indeed equalizes the short- and long-term results of the cWhipple(More)
BACKGROUND The role of diagnostic laparoscopy before laparotomy in patients with pancreatic or periampullary malignancies remains controversial. We analyzed the value of using diagnostic laparoscopy to avoid laparotomy in these patients. STUDY DESIGN Between November 1993 and December 1996, 254 patients with pancreatic or periampullary malignancies were(More)
MAGE-A antigens are expressed in a variety of cancers of diverse histological origin and germinal cells. Due to their relatively high tumor specificity, they represent attractive targets for active specific and adoptive cancer immunotherapies. Here, we (i) review past and ongoing clinical studies targeting these antigens, (ii) analyze advantages and(More)
UNLABELLED During the last decades, the classical Whipple resection (cWhipple) and pylorus-preserving Whipple (ppWhipple) operation have been evolved for the resection of cancer of the pancreatic head. However no definitive answer exists whether the more conservative ppWhipple indeed equalizes the short and long term results of the cWhipple procedure. (More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Preservation of the pylorus is an accepted alternative procedure to the classical Whipple operation for pancreatic head resection but data describing its value for total pancreatectomy are sparse. METHODS A prospective analysis of 22 total pancreatectomies performed in a consecutive series of 436 pancreatic resections from 1.11.93 to(More)
During the last 4 years (11/93-11/97) 330 patients with acute bowel obstruction were treated and analysed retrospectively. 80% of the obstructions (n = 265) were in the small bowel and 20% (n = 65) in the large bowel localized. Adhesions were the main cause in 65.7% (n = 174) of all small bowel obstructions, and one third (35.1%, n = 61) of these patients(More)
The incidence of pancreatic diseases has increased over the last years. Low morbidity and mortality rates after pancreatic resection procedures and an increasing 5-years survival rate allow more liberal indications for operation. These better results are due to careful preoperative investigations, perfect surgical techniques and the use of Octreotide(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Small bowel obstruction is a disease the surgeon frequently is confronted with. In the present study the records of the patients (n = 202) with mechanical obstruction of the small intestine from the last four years were analysed and the results are critically compared with the literature. METHODS In the reported retrospective study the(More)
Morbid obesity (body mass index > 40 kg/m2) is a risk factor for cardiovascular, pulmonary, metabolic, neoplastic, and psychologic sequelae. In the present prospective clinical study 65 patients (11 men, 54 women) underwent vertical banded gastroplasty (Mason procedure) from June 1994 to October 1997. The median age was 41 +/- 5.3 years (range 18-69; n =(More)
The value of diagnostic laparoscopy to improve tumor staging in patients with pancreatic and periampullary cancer is still a matter of controversial discussion, especially with regard to whether diagnostic laparoscopy can identify patients in whom a laparotomy can be avoided due to metastases. To answer this question, all patients who underwent operations(More)