Charlotte Olesen

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Objective: To examine the drug prescription pattern in Danish women from 12 weeks prior to conception until 12 weeks post-partum. Method: A drug utilization study based on The North Jutland Prescription Database. The Danish pharmacies use a computerized accounting system for all subsidized drugs and this was linked to the Danish Medical Birth Registry(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim was to examine the impact of socioeconomic factors on the use of systemic antibiotics during the first 2 years of life. METHODS This was a population-based cohort study of 5024 Danish children born in 1997. The study was conducted by linking records drawn from public administrative registries. The main predictor variables were mother's(More)
AIM To assess the current prescribing pattern for 15,756 primiparae before, during, and after their pregnancies with reference to fetal and neonatal risk. METHOD A prescription database study with linkage to The Danish Medical Birth Registry from 1991 to 1996. The drug subsidy system in Danish retail pharmacies, made it possible to identify prescriptions(More)
BACKGROUND Neurodevelopmental brain disorders such as schizophrenia, autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are complex disorders with heterogeneous etiologies. Schizophrenia and autism are difficult to treat and often cause major individual suffering largely owing to our limited understanding of the disease biology. Thus our understanding of(More)
The 22q11 deletion syndrome, which is caused by a 1.5- to 3.0-megabase hemizygous deletion in chromosome 22q11.2, has a prevalence of 1/2000 to 1/4000. However, the syndrome presents with highly variable phenotypes and thus may be underestimated among Danish newborns. To establish a true incidence of 22q11.2 deletions among certain manifestations, eg,(More)
Surveillance of drug safety in pregnancy often draws on administrative prescription registries. Noncompliance in the use of prescribed medication may be frequent among pregnant women owing to their fear of fetotoxic side effects. To estimate compliance in the use of prescription drugs dispensed during pregnancy, we compared prescription data from the North(More)
AIMS The diabetogenic effect of diuretics, as well as the indication for prescribing them, may impact on fetal growth. We analysed whether the purchase of prescription drugs for diuretics during pregnancy was associated with measures of fetal growth. METHODS During 1991-98 all women who purchased prescription drugs for diuretics during pregnancy were(More)
PURPOSE To assess possible origins of harmful interactions in elderly patients arising from the current absence of information on over-the-counter (OTC) medicines in the Danish 'on-line prescription record'. METHODS Information on current use of prescription drugs and OTC medicinal products (non-prescription drugs, herbal medicine, dietary supplements,(More)
INTRODUCTION The present study was conducted to establish the positive predictive value of congenital cardiac malformation diagnoses registered in the Danish National Patient Registry (NPR), thereby exploring whether the NPR can serve as a valid tool for epidemiologic studies of congenital cardiac malformations. MATERIALS AND METHODS The study population(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the association between generic substitutions and medication adherence in elderly patients with prescribed polypharmacy. METHODS Our study included 672 patients aged 65+ years, living at home in the municipality of Aarhus (Denmark), who at the time of enrolment took at least five prescription drugs daily including both short-term(More)