Charlotte O'Leary

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A technique is reported here for the quantitative extraction of live cells from the lung interstitium; it involves the incubation of slices of perfused lung in a mixture containing optimal concentrations of collagenase, DNAse, and fetal calf serum, followed by the simultaneous recovery and fractionation of cells released from the tissue matrix on a six-step(More)
Parechymal cells (PC) were prepared by digestion of perfused, lavaged rat lung in a mixture of collagenase and DNase, and harvested on a discontinuous percoll gradient. The process yielded on average 1.0 X 10(8) viable cells/gram tissue. PC were pulsed with soluble antigen, and tested for their capacity to trigger antigen-specific activation of immune(More)
Human C1q when injected directly into hippocampus and cortex of doubly transgenic APP+PS1 mice results in the increase of Congo red-positive fibrillar deposits. Although there was no significant change in overall area stained for Aβ total, qualitatively it appeared that there was less diffuse Aβ in C1q-treated mice versus vehicle. There was no apparent(More)
BALB/c mice and BN rats manifesting persistent IgE and IgG responses were examined up to 1 year after immunization. A significant proportion of the ongoing antibody response in these animals survived lethal X-irradiation employing dosages sufficient to deplete B memory cells. The persistent IgE responses in both species were refractory to exogenous(More)
This report examines the basis for variations in the size and number of ELISA plaques detected in vitro. The nature and concentration of antigen used to coat the solid phase is shown to be critical, high concentrations of polymerized antigen being optimal for low molecular weight proteins, while coating conditions for high molecular weight multideterminant(More)
The tobacco epidemic and burden from overweight/obesity are major causes of health loss in New Zealand.1 Changes to the obesogenic environment and the use of various price signals are probably the most critical interventions required (eg, tobacco tax increases2,3). But there is potentially a place for the promotion of individual-level interventions,(More)
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