Charlotte Means

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OBJECTIVE To describe the clinical signs following ingestion of an herbal supplement containing guarana and ma huang in dogs, estimate minimum dose at which clinical signs of toxicosis and death were reported, and evaluate treatment options. DESIGN Retrospective study. ANIMALS 47 dogs with evidence of ingestion of an herbal supplement containing(More)
In the broadest definition, a pesticide (from fly swatters to chemicals) is a substance used to eliminate a pest. Newer insecticides are much safer to the environment, humans and non target species. These insecticides are able to target physiologic differences between insects and mammals, resulting in greater mammalian safety. This article briefly reviews(More)
A 5-month-old intact female domestic shorthaired cat had mydriasis, agitation, and increased locomotion after ingestion of lisdexamfetamine, 10.3 mg/kg body weight (BW). Despite treatment with IV fluids, IV acepromazine, oral cyproheptadine and intravenous lipid emulsion the patient's clinical signs worsened. Dexmedetomidine administered at 2 μg/kg BW and(More)
One of the most important considerations in treating herbal ingestions is product quality assurance. Although most herbal companies are reputable, there are numerous reports of adulterated products (addition of substances not noted on the label). This has been particularly true of Chinese herbal products, which frequently contain pharmaceutical agents.(More)
Polyols, also known as sugar alcohols, are widely used in the formulation of tooth-friendly and reduced-calorie foods. Considering the significant health benefits of polyols in products formulated for human use, there is increased interest in evaluating potential uses in companion animal applications. Erythritol and xylitol are two polyols which are(More)
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