Charlotte M Hofhuizen

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OBJECTIVE Mechanical ventilation causes cyclic changes in the heart's preload and afterload, thereby influencing the circulation. However, our understanding of the exact physiology of this cardiopulmonary interaction is limited. We aimed to thoroughly determine airway pressure distribution, how this is influenced by tidal volume and chest compliance, and(More)
BACKGROUND Continuous non-invasive measurement of finger arterial pressure (FAP) is a reliable technology in adults. FAP is measured with an inflatable cuff around the finger and simultaneously converted to a reconstructed brachial artery pressure waveform (reBAP) by the Nexfin™ device. We assessed the adequacy of a prototype device (Nexfin-paediatric),(More)
INTRODUCTION Continuous noninvasive arterial blood pressure can be measured in finger arteries using an inflatable finger cuff (FINAP) with a special device and has proven to be feasible and reliable in adults. We studied prototype pediatric finger cuffs and pediatric software to compare this blood pressure measurement with intraarterially measured blood(More)
INTRODUCTION Nexfin (Edwards Lifesciences, Irvine, CA) allows for noninvasive continuous monitoring of blood pressure (ABPNI) and cardiac output (CONI) by measuring finger arterial pressure (FAP). To evaluate the accuracy of FAP in measuring ABPNI and CONI as well as the adequacy of detecting changes in ABP and CO, we compared FAP to intra-arterially(More)
BACKGROUND Optimizing cardiac stroke volume during major surgery is of interest to many as a therapeutic target to decrease the incidence of postoperative complications. Because dynamic preload indicators are strongly correlated with stroke volume, it is suggested that these indices can be used for goal directed fluid therapy. However, threshold values of(More)
We present two cases of GBL intoxication. Patient A is a 45-year old man who lost consciousness after drinking a clear unknown liquid. He was brought to the Emergency Departement (ED) after he was intubated. His partner notified the liquid could be GBL, a prodrug for GHB. He regained consciousness 16 hours later in the intensive care unit (ICU) where he(More)
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