Charlotte M Brown

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Vesicle transport in cultured chick motoneurons was studied over a period of 3 days using motion-enhanced differential interference contrast (MEDIC) microscopy, an improved version of video-enhanced DIC. After 3 days in vitro (DIV), the average vesicle velocity was about 30% less than after 1 DIV. In observations at 1, 2 and 3 DIV, larger vesicles moved(More)
Neutral and niche theories give contrasting explanations for the maintenance of tropical tree species diversity. Both have some empirical support, but methods to disentangle their effects have not yet been developed. We applied a statistical measure of spatial structure to data from 14 large tropical forest plots to test a prediction of niche theory that is(More)
Mammalian brain sodium channels consist of an alpha subunit and two smaller beta subunits. The role of the beta 1 subunit in modulating ligand interactions at these channels was examined using a cell line stably expressing human beta1 and rat brain IIA alpha subunits. Coexpression of the beta 1 subunit had no effect on the potencies of sodium channel(More)
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