Charlotte Lecluze

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The early detection of disease outbursts is an important objective of epidemic surveillance. The web news are one of the information bases for detecting epidemic events as soon as possible, but to analyze tens of thousands articles published daily is costly. Recently, automatic systems have been devoted to epidemiological surveillance. The main issue for(More)
DAnIEL, parsimonious yet high-coverage multilingual epidemic surveillance DAnIEL is a multilingual epidemic surveillance system. DAnIEL relies on a parsimonious scheme making it possible to process new languages at small cost. MOTS-CLÉS : extraction d’information, recherche d’information, veille, multilinguisme, genre journalistique, grain caractère.
Parallel areas detection in multi-documents for multilingual alignment This article broaches a central issue of the automatic alignment : diagnosing the parallelism of documents. Previous research was concentrated on the analysis of documents which are parallel by nature such as corpus of regulations, technical documents or simple sentences. Inversions and(More)
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