Charlotte L. Short

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A study was conducted to develop criteria for clinical remission in rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Data were provided by 35 rheumatologists on 175 RA patients considered to be in complete remission (with or without antirheumatic therapy) and 169 RA patients in partial remission or with active disease. Six criteria yielded optimal discrimination: morning(More)
We proposed a role for Na-Ca exchange in hormonally mediated bone resorption and recently characterized Na-dependent Ca transport in an osteoblast-like rat osteosarcoma cell line (UMR-106). To test whether calcemic agents alter Na(+)-Ca2+ exchange in osteoblasts, UMR cells were treated acutely or cultured in the absence or presence of calcemic agent for 24(More)
The efficacy of treatments used for patients with HTLV-1 associated myelopathy/tropical spastic paraperesis (HAM/TSP) is uncertain although corticosteroids are widely prescribed. The effect of pulsed IV methylprednisolone was retrospectively analysed in an open cohort of 26 patients. 1g IV methylprednisolone was infused on three consecutive days. The(More)