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OBJECTIVE To explore the advice giving role of pharmacists during consultation for medication review with patients aged 80 or more. DESIGN Discourse analysis. SETTING Participants' homes. PARTICIPANTS Subsample of consultations within a large randomised trial of home medication review among patients aged 80 or more who had been admitted to hospital.(More)
This paper determines the perceptions of people diagnosed with osteoarthritis towards their conservative management strategies. A systematic review of the published (AMED, CINAHL, EMBASE, PsychINFO, SportsDisc, MEDLINE, Cochrane Clinical Trials Registry, PubMed) and unpublished/trial registry databases (WHO International Clinical Trials Registry Platform,(More)
BACKGROUND There is significant morbidity and mortality caused by the complications of osteoporosis, for which ageing is the greatest epidemiological risk factor. Preventive medications to delay osteoporosis are available, but little is known about motivators to adhere to these in the context of a symptomless condition with evidence based on screening(More)
OBJECTIVES To estimate the prevalence of low health literacy, and evaluate the impact of low health literacy on outcomes in patients with chronic musculoskeletal conditions. DATA SOURCES We searched Embase, Pubmed, PsycInfo, and CINAHL in January 2011 for relevant studies, restricted to English-language articles. STUDY SELECTION AND DATA EXTRACTION(More)
The governments of China, India, and the United Kingdom are unanimous in their belief that bioinformatics should supply the link between basic life sciences research and its translation into health benefits for the population and the economy. Yet at the same time, as ambitious states vying for position in the future global bioeconomy they differ(More)
Adherence research has been dominated by attitudinal approaches that isolate individual statements made in interviews and then assign a fixed attitude to the individual who made that statement. Despite much sociological research having raised questions about the notion of fixed attitudes, little research has theorised the process by which individual(More)
Medication review is an advanced service registered pharmacists can now offer patients in the UK. This in-depth study of pharmacist-older patient communication during domiciliary medication review encounters examines how the interactions are constructed by participants and the influence of the compliance paradigm on the interaction. Twenty-nine observed,(More)
This article explores the illness experience associated with being diagnosed at risk of a long term chronic condition and discusses the implications of an emergent form of predictive medicine. We report on findings from a study involving 30 older women between the ages of 73-85 years of age recently screened for osteoporosis and informed that they are at a(More)
OBJECTIVE To review the relationship between health literacy and adherence to cardiovascular/diabetes medication. DATA SOURCES We searched EMBASE (1974-February 2012) and MEDLINE (1948-February 2012). Search terms included health literacy, numeracy, health education and related terms, health literacy measurement tools, and medication adherence. STUDY(More)
Empathy is commonly regarded as an essential attribute for doctors and there is a conviction that empathy must be taught to medical students. Yet it is not clear exactly what empathy is, from a philosophical or sociological point of view, or whether it can be taught. The meaning, role and relevance of empathy in medical education have tended to be(More)