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Future learning spaces: The potential and practice of learning 2.0 in higher education
Higher education institutions are promoting the integration of online technologies in teaching and learning as an attempt to provide flexible modes of delivery, to diversify the profile of studentsExpand
The Dispositions, Abilities and Behaviours (Dab) Framework for Profiling Learners’ Sustainability Competencies in Higher Education
Abstract The concepts of sustainability and sustainability competence are controversial, complex, difficult to define and measure, and have varied meanings for different people and practices. GivenExpand
The digital frontier: Envisioning future technologies impact on the classroom
Abstract Global advances in technology and information are purportedly propelling transformations and disruptions across many sectors, including education. However, historical reviews of technologyExpand
Performance anxiety in academia: Tensions within research assessment exercises in an age of austerity
The current recessionary economic climate in Ireland has (re-) awakened a neoliberal agenda that is changing the dynamic of what is being valued within research assessment exercises, specificallyExpand
Game-Play: Effects of Online Gamified and Game-Based Learning on Dispositions, Abilities and Behaviours of Primary Learners
This meta-level review of the literature set-out to examine the impacts of game-based/gamified learning on dispositions, cognitive abilities and behaviours of learners aged 6–12, and to identify the factors that contributed to these impacts. Expand
A comparative analysis of policies, strategies and programmes for information and communication technology integration in education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the republic of Ireland
This paper provides a comparative analysis of policies, strategies and programmes for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) integration in primary and post-primary education, that were active in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and in the Republic of Ireland in 2016. Expand
Interplay of Rhizome and Education for Sustainable Development
Abstract One of the central challenges within education for sustainable development (ESD) is in empowering learners to reframe mindsets, particularly those that result in unsustainable behavioursExpand
Ethical-Values Pedagogical Model
Abstract This paper presents a pedagogical model that emerged during the design of an online Masters programme developed with the support of funding from the Erasmus multilateral programme. TheExpand