Charlotte G Carlsen

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CONTEXT Use of 80% oxygen during surgery has been suggested to reduce the risk of surgical wound infections, but this effect has not been consistently identified. The effect of 80% oxygen on pulmonary complications has not been well defined. OBJECTIVE To assess whether use of 80% oxygen reduces the frequency of surgical site infection without increasing(More)
BACKGROUND A high perioperative inspiratory oxygen fraction may reduce the risk of surgical site infections, as bacterial eradication by neutrophils depends on wound oxygen tension. Two trials have shown that a high perioperative inspiratory oxygen fraction (FiO(2) = 0.80) significantly reduced risk of surgical site infections after elective colorectal(More)
Estrogen deficiency has recently been implicated in the pathogenesis of male osteoporosis. We therefore investigated estrogen and androgen status in 63 men admitted to our clinic with the diagnosis of osteoporosis over a period of 2 years. The diagnosis was based on the presence of either low-energy fractures of the spine or a BMD T-score <-- 2.5 in the(More)
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