Charlotte E Hall

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The differentiation of the pancreatic endocrine cells in the lizard Anolis carolinensis following oviposition was examined. Immediately postoviposition (PO) there was no apparent differentiation of epithelioid cells into endocrine or exocrine components. Individual subpopulations of the endocrine-like cells, which could not be identified during the early PO(More)
The protein kinase C stimulant bryostatin 1 (Bryo) was used in examining human peripheral blood T-lymphocyte radiosensitivities in proliferation assays. Bryo was similar to PMA in inducing T-cell proliferation by the CD3, CD28 and CD69 pathways. No difference in radiosensitivities was observed in T-cells stimulated by the three independent surface(More)
When nifedipine was given to rats at a dosage of 0.3 mg/kg, the blood pressure fell and heart rates rose slightly in normotensive controls, but both changes were more marked in rats with DOC-salt hypertension, the magnitude of the drop in mm Hg being progressively greater as hypertension evolved. Tachycardia also tended to increase, but became somewhat(More)
The effect of daily treatment (sometimes interrupted) with the calcium blocker nisoldipine at two different dose levels, one double the other, on the development of spontaneous hypertension in the rat was evaluated. Both doses prevented development of the disorder during daily administration, but when treatment was stopped the same degree of hypertension as(More)