Charlotte E Cohen

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BACKGROUND The Buschke-Löwenstein tumour (BLT) or giant condyloma acuminata is a rare disease which affects the anogenital region. Although histologically benign, it behaves in a malignant fashion, infiltrating the surrounding tissues. The morbidity and mortality from this tumour is high, as is the risk of recurrence following treatment. It lies on the(More)
BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVES The burden of new syphilis diagnoses in London has mainly been in men who have sex with men (MSM), many of whom are co-infected with HIV. Our HIV unit introduced regular serological screening for syphilis during routine follow up care to detect patients who may be at risk of asymptomatic infection. We assessed if this remained an(More)
We report the frequency of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) diagnosed in performers in the adult pornographic film industry. Over a 13 month period, 445 STI screens were performed in 115 patients, 56 women and 59 men. All reported unprotected sex during filming. Seventy-five percent (86) had at least one sexual partner outside work, and 90% used(More)
Current methods of contact tracing are only partially effective. Patient-delivered partner medication (PDPM), in which patients are dispensed antibiotics for their sexual partner(s), has been shown to reduce persistent and recurrent infections. We performed a questionnaire to canvass opinions of UK staff and patients about PDPM. The response rate was 72%(More)
Faced with a national 48-hour waiting time target and high non-attendance rates for booked appointments, our sexual health service sought patient preferences for appointment reminders. Questionnaires were distributed to 350 consecutive genitourinary medicine clinic attendees. Eighty-eight percent of respondents approved of appointment reminders, with text(More)
Mentoring is a process whereby one doctor (the mentor) facilitates and encourages another doctor (the mentee) to develop their career, in light of their own priorities. Mentees benefit from time dedicated to addressing their needs, challenging the status quo, and exploring ways to change. Mentoring schemes depend on the availability and enthusiasm of(More)
Many genitourinary medicine clinics have stopped routinely performing both wet preparation microscopy and cultures to diagnose Trichomonas vaginalis (TV). Our directorate stopped microscopy when screening asymptomatic women. This audit considers whether both tests continue to be warranted for symptomatic female patients. The discrepancy between microscopy(More)
There is a rising trend in high risk sexual behaviour among men who have sex with men (MSM), with concomitant use of recreational drugs. Activities include fisting and unprotected anal intercourse with a partner who is HIV serodiscordant or of unknown status. We describe three cases of HIV positive MSM who have recently attended our unit as a result of(More)