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A screen was recently developed to study the mobilization of starch in the unicellular green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. This screen relies on starch synthesis accumulation during nitrogen starvation followed by the supply of nitrogen and the switch to darkness. Hence multiple regulatory networks including those of nutrient starvation, cell cycle(More)
The freshwater snail, Biomphalaria glabrata is the obligate intermediate host for the transmission of the parasitic trematode, Schistosoma mansoni the causative agent of the chronic debilitating neglected tropical disease, schistosomiasis. We showed previously that in juvenile snails, early and significant induction of stress manifested by the expression of(More)
INTRODUCTION Dysarthria is one of the first sign of neurological Wilson's disease and is often characterized by a decreased speech rate. The aim of this study is to determine the abilities of Wilson's disease dysarthric patients to control their speech rate. We examined the impact of dual-tasking on the speech rate of patients as compared to healthy control(More)
Le dé bit de parole du patient wilsonien dysarthrique peut-il e ˆ tre amé lioré en condition de double tâ che ? Keywords: Wilson's disease Dysarthria Speech rate Dual task Executive functions r e ´ s u m e ´ Introduction. – Les dysarthries figurent parmi les premiers signes neurologiques de la mala-die de Wilson (MW) et se caracté risent par un dé bit de(More)
Twenty-four patients presenting an acute stroke with watershed cerebral infarct on CT scan or MRI were included in this retrospective study. Age was 63 +/- 14 years (mean +/- SD), and sex ratio was 2 men for 1 woman. Main clinical features were: in anterior location, lower limb weakness and frontal syndrome with transcortical motor aphasia in left lesions(More)
Human adenovirus type 2 mutant, H2 ts 111, presented a double phenotype: temperature-sensitive (ts) for initiation and elongation of DNA synthesis, and cytocidal (cyt) by its large-plaque formation and the nucleolytic cleavage of both viral and cellular DNAs. Both characters were recessive since they were efficiently complemented by wild-type or other(More)
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