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After 1,748 translumbar aortograms three cases of intervertebral disk space infection were observed over a five-year period, for an incidence of 0.15%. Cultures suggested that the intervertebral disk had been inoculated with digestive tract organisms by the needle used to puncture the aorta. Diagnosis of this complication can be made early by retrieval of(More)
OBJECTIVES Large unselected studies on representative samples of HIV-infected patients with a whole battery of neuropsychological tests and cerebral MRI scan are required to assess the frequency of neurocognitive impairment (NCI), the determinants of mild neurocognitive disorders (MNDs), or HIV-associated dementia (HAD) and the relationship between NCI and(More)
Motor impairment is highly prevalent in HIV-infected patients. Here, we assess associations between peripheral muscular deficits as evaluated by the 5 sit-to-stand test (5STS) and structural integrity of the motor system at a central level. Eighty-six HIV-infected patients receiving combination antiretroviral therapy and with no major cerebral events,(More)
The present research sought to characterize the intrinsic functional networks associated with a 10-year episodic memory decline in elderly using data from a longitudinal population-based cohort (Bordeaux-3City). Complementary measures of whole-brain resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging investigations were combined to compare functional(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to determine, during anterior plating of the distal radius, the length of a screw above which there is a risk for the extensor tendons and the optimal shape of an anterior plate. It was also to determine the projection of the axis of the distal third of the radius on the distal articular surface in case of wrist(More)
The authors have studied the microvascularization of the intracranial dura mater by microradiographic and histologic examination of 73 injected anatomic specimens. There exists a very abundant superficial arterial plexus which also serves to supply the inner table of the cranial vault. This plexus is continuous, even at the walls of the venous sinuses and(More)
The properties of a reference bacterial endotoxin prepared from Escherichia coli and its phthalylated derivative were studied in normal human volunteers infected intravenously with the compounds. The minimal pyrogenic dose of the reference endotoxin is about 0.1-0.5 ng/kg. The increase in white blood cell count, absolute granulocyte count, absolute immature(More)
BACKGROUND Structural alterations of a large network characterize Alzheimer's disease (AD), but the time course of these changes remains unclear. The dynamic of these alterations was examined in the AD preclinical phase using data from the 10-year follow-up of a population-based cohort (Bordeaux-3City). METHODS Participants received neuropsychological(More)
INTRODUCTION The Mediterranean diet (MeDi) has been related to a lower risk of Alzheimer's disease; yet, the underlying mechanisms are unknown. We hypothesized that protection against neurodegeneration would translate into higher gray matter volumes, whereas a specific association with preserved white matter microstructure would suggest alternative(More)
We describe the clinical, physiological and pathological features of 23 subjects with early stage idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. Thirteen subjects who had no symptoms had been fortuitously recruited by a routine chest radiograph, whereas the 10 other subjects complained of dyspnea. Twenty-one subjects showed only light to moderate extent of abnormalities on(More)