Charlotte A. C. Brennan

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A composition of a positive integer n is a finite sequence of positive integers a1, a2,. .. , a k such that a1 + a2 + · · · + a k = n. Let d be a fixed nonnegative integer. We say that we have an ascent of size d or more if ai+1 ≥ ai + d. We determine the mean, variance and limiting distribution of the number of ascents of size d or more in the set of(More)
In this paper, compositions of n are studied. These are sequences of positive integers (σ i) k i=1 whose sum is n. We define a maximum to be a part which is greater than or equal to all other parts. We investigate the size of the descents immediately following any maximum and we focus particularly on the largest and average of these, obtaining the(More)
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