Charlotta Grunewald

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OBJECTIVE To describe possible causes of delivery-related severe asphyxia due to malpractice. DESIGN AND SETTING A nationwide descriptive study in Sweden. POPULATION All women asking for financial compensation because of suspected medical malpractice in connection with childbirth during 1990-2005. METHOD We included infants with a gestational age of(More)
OBJECTIVE To increase our knowledge of the occurrence of substandard care during labour. DESIGN A population-based case-control study. SETTING Stockholm County. POPULATION Infants born in the period 2004-2006 in Stockholm County. METHODS Cases and controls were identified from the Swedish Medical Birth Register, had a gestational age of +/-33(More)
BACKGROUND Patient safety is fundamental in high quality healthcare systems but despite an excellent record of perinatal care in Sweden some children still suffer from substandard care and unnecessary birth injuries. Sustainable patient safety improvements assume changes in key actors' mental models, norms and culture as well as in the tools, design and(More)
AIM To evaluate neonatal resuscitation of infants born with severe asphyxia. METHOD All case records of the 472 claims for financial compensation due to suspected medical malpractice in conjunction with childbirth in Sweden between 1990 and 2005 were scrutinized. Inclusion criteria were: gestational age > or =33 completed weeks, planned vaginal onset of(More)
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