Charlotta Grånäs

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Recently we showed evidence that mutation of Tyr-335 to Ala (Y335A) in the human dopamine transporter (hDAT) alters the conformational equilibrium of the transport cycle. Here, by substituting, one at a time, 16 different bulky or charged intracellular residues, we identify three residues, Lys-264, Asp-345, and Asp-436, the mutation of which to alanine(More)
The antagonist radioligand [3H]GR125743 and the agonist radioligand [3H]5-HT were used to investigate the pharmacological characteristics of the G protein uncoupled agonist low-affinity and G protein coupled agonist high-affinity conformations of the wild-type and mutant human 5-hydroxytryptamine 1B (5-HT1B) receptors. We found that substitution of(More)
The entopeduncular nucleus is one of the major output nuclei of the basal ganglia, with topographically organized projections to both motor and limbic structures. Neurons of the entopeduncular nucleus use GABA as the principal transmitter, and glutamic acid decarboxylase (the GABA synthetic enzyme) is widely distributed throughout the region. Previous(More)
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