Charlott Platzer

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Acute stress reactions (e.g. linked with trauma, major surgery, psychic stress and myocardial infarction) are accompanied with temporary systemic release of the anti-inflammatory cytokine IL-10 followed by immunodepression. Since an association between activation of the sympathetic system and IL-10 release has been described, we studied the influence of(More)
Identification of compounds that can bind to a target protein with high affinity is a nontrivial task in structure-based drug design. Several approaches ranging from simple scoring methods to more computationally demanding methods are usually applied for this purpose. In the current work, we used ligand docking in combination with QM/MM-GBSA, MM-GBSA, and(More)
In a prospective study we compared the diagnostic value of combined gradient-echo (GE) and spin-echo (SE) MR imaging with cervical myelography in 30 patients with clinical signs and symptoms of cervical radiculopathy and/or myelopathy due to disk disease. Only patients who subsequently underwent surgery (anterior interbody approach) were included. By means(More)
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